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I took my BMW X3 – which I had bought from Darren and Nigel one year ago – back to them last week as it was driving strange and making a really bad noise every time I stopped and started to drive again. 2 garages had looked at it, had not been able to find the problem but of course still charged me for their time and assumed that the fault was an expensive transmission defect! I finally did what I should have done from the start, and called Nigel and Darren. They took my car to their team of specialist mechanics, found the problem (it was NOT an expensive one), sorted it and yesterday I was able to pick up my car which had also been cleaned, hoovered and looking lke a brand-new car! I was very happy and relieved. They did however not allow me to leave until I had taken the car for a 10 minutes test drive just to be absolutely satisfied the problem was indeed no more.
You simply don’t get service like this anywhere anymore ….. except here. I can’t recommend Darren and Nigel and their company enough; I really can’t. Thank you both so much!